dimanche 3 novembre 2013

Night of the Comet (1984) [Shout! Factory]

19 Novembre 2013
Cliquez ici pour acheter Night of the Comet [Blu-ray + DVD] sur Amazon.ca
Format: Blu-ray + DVD
Piste Fr: Non
Sous-titres Fr: Non

- Audio Commentary with Thom Eberhardt
- Audio Commentary with Kelli Maroney & Catherine Mary Stewart
- Audio Commentary with John Muto
- Valley Girls At The End Of The World: Interviews with Kelli Maroney & Catherine Mary Stewart
- The Last Man On Earth?: Interview with Robert Beltran
- Curse of the Comet: Interview with David B. Miller
- Still Galleries (Behind the Scenes and Official Stills)
- Theatrical Trailer

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